[Verse 1]
East and West stare each other down
Opposing sides of a divided town
Like soldiers frozen in the coldest war
They’ve forgotten what they’re fighting for
I keep to my side and see
The moon watching over you and me
When you dream, do you keep still up the fight ?
Deaf to my footsteps in the middle of the night

3000 steps in the dark
3000 steps across the park
3000 steps, might take some more
3000 steps to your door
[Verse 2]
When I hit the Reservoir
It’s then I know that I don’t have far
When I row down Madison
You’re about to find out why I’ve come

3000 steps to have my say
3000 steps on feet of clay
3000 steps, so close so far
3000 steps in the park

I will walk through meadows of sheep
Towards you hidden in the shadows of sleep
I will ramble through Strawberry Fields
Each step another sign of what I feel

[Verse 3]
You and I shoot each other down
Opposing sides of a broken crown
If we survive this civil war
We recover what’s worth fighting for
3000 steps through heaven and hell
3000 steps forget about 12
3000 steps might as well be the moon
3000 steps from you
3000 steps from you

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Mastered by Joe Lambert
Mixed By Matt Boynton