High Plains Drifter

High Plains Drifter

Beastie Boys

This is Track 5 on Paul’s Boutique, released 7.25.1989 on Capitol Records. Beastie Boys & Dust Brothers share writing and production credits. This caper song is packed with mad references, mostly to old films. It’s kind of like a white geek version of “Gimme The Loot.” Engineered by Mario Caldato, Jr. and assisted by Allen Abrahamson, “High Plains Drifter” was recorded at Mario G’s and mixed at Record Plant.

Samples include:

  • Those Shoes“ by the Eagles, from the album, The Long Run (1979)
  • Your Mama Don’t Dance“ by Loggins and Messina, from the album Loggins and Messina (1972)
  • Suzy Is a Headbanger“ by the Ramones, from the album, Leave Home (1977)
  • “Put Your Love (In My Tender Care)” by The Fatback Band, from the album Raising Hell (1974)

High Plains Drifter“ was performed in 33 known concerts.