Venus vs. Mars

Venus vs. Mars


In this Timbaland produced song from The Blueprint 3 Jay-Z recalls the course of a (probably hypothetical) relationship: it starts off nice, turns turbulent and ultimately fails

This song is a good example of Jay-Z lite. It’s very heavy on puns and the wordplay pushes the line between clever and lame. (Spot something genuinely insightful and we’ll send you something kitschy!)

This song is another episode in the progression of Jay’s portrayal of women in his raps. As he told NPR:

I mean, a song on my first album was “Ain’t No Nigga.” […] It was like, this careless relationship. And then that went to “Big Pimpin” in ‘99. And on that same album was a song called “Song Cry,” and then “Song Cry” became “Bonnie & Clyde” on 2004, which became “Venus vs. Mars” on my last album. So there’s a steady growth in the conversations – that’s being had as it pertains to women, you know, as I grew.