Written by Alanis Morissette and Jagged Little Pill’s producer Glen Ballard, “Ironic” describes some peculiar and unfortunate situations and went on to be nominated for Record of the Year at the 39th Grammy Awards 1997. Its music video was also nominated in the very same 1997 Grammy Awards for Best Music Video, Short Form.

The song is well-known in popular culture because it sparked a long-running debate over its title and how it relates to the situations in the song; “Ironic” also triggered many literary discussions over its meaning (its deeper sense) and also over the very definition of the linguistic device that we call irony.
When asked about the song in a December 2014 interview with The Huffington Post, Alanis demonstrated her knowledge on figures of speech by replying:

There are a lot of people that have shame around being stupid, and I did too. It was embarrassing to have the planet basically say: “you’re a dumbass for your malapropism!”. And at the same time, it is ironic that a song called “Ironic” isn’t filled with ironies. […] Although there are times where I’m grammatically very intense and very perfectionistic, there are other times where clearly I don’t care and I make up words and I play with words linguistically like they’re paint.