Too Deep for the Intro

Too Deep for the Intro

J. Cole

Over a sped up, soulful sample of Erykah Badu’s “Didn’t Cha Know”, Cole begins Friday Night Lights with a personal and motivational cut on never giving up on your dreams. In his three verses he raps on his underprivileged upbringing, his first time with a girl – a rather different story to “Wet Dreamz” – and his desire to achieve his life goals.

While speaking with the Huffington Post back in 2013, Cole was asked to “identify his three favorite verses” that he’d written.

Ooh, that’s hard. “Villematic”, just all the way through, “Looking for Trouble” and “Too Deep for the Intro”, first or second verse.

This is impressive considering the track allegedly only took him 15 minutes to pen.