Hell of a Life

Hell of a Life

Kanye West

With the thematic of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy centered around pros and cons of fame, “Hell of a Life” is the culminating ode to the corrupt use of it to have a one-night stay with a porn star. A porn actress also represents the equivalent to a musical superstar in terms of visibility and openness to the public.

While talking about the making of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy with Complex, Nicki Minaj said Kanye really likes watching porn:

I go to the studio and he has nothing but pictures of naked women on his computer that he’d invite me to look at. They were really artsy pictures, but you know he loves nudity, so it was a complete shock to me, ‘cause I thought I had him all figured out, but I didn’t. He was watching porn when we were in the studio—no shame in his game.

An interesting aspect of this song is that despite the title, you never once hear Kanye say the “f” in “Life”, making it sound like “Hell of a Lie” for the entirety of the song. This could mean that Kanye deems the famous lifestyle as a lie to those who aren’t in it and are dreaming of it. The missing “f” sound is prominent in the meaning of these lines:

I think I fell in love with a pornstar
And got married in the bathroom
Honeymoon on the dance floor
And got divorced by the end of the night
That’s one hell of a life

This tells us his fantasies with a pornstar were all an illusion.