Who’s The Mack?

Who’s The Mack?

Ice Cube

“Who’s the Mack” was released as a single from Amerikkka’s Most Wanted and was the only one to have a music video. The song deals with manipulators in three different forms: a pimp, a beggar, and playboy. DJ Pooh plays all three roles in the music video.

Ice Cube provided background information on the concept of the track:

We wanted to do one of those cool, laid-back kinda songs. Do some storytelling, some preachin’ about what’s going on. Basically trying to make an analogy for a mack as a pimp or a mack as somebody who can get you to do what they want you to do. Just trying to break it down like that.

Sir Jinx added:

When I first got to New York, that was one of the tracks I ended up doing. That was really one of the Bomb Squad’s songs. But the other guys would get sleepy and leave. Me and Eric are the same, we’re techies. I was excited, I was young and there was a 24-track in front of me. That was the second single off the album. Me and Eric Sadler knocked that one out. I slid that Marvin Gaye on there and there was more live playing on that track, guys from New York.