We As Americans

We As Americans


“We as Americans” was written while Em was on a two year long probation for carrying a concealed weapon after he pistol whipped John Guerra, whom he allegedly saw kissing his then-wife Kim. Among the conditions, Em was to refrain from possessing a firearm, an issue he elaborates on throughout the song, reflecting on how he now was supposed to defend himself.

Just as “Mosh”, an earlier track from the same album, the song contains criticism of President Bush. However, his statements didn’t just cause public debate, but led to the Secret Service “looking into the case”, trying to decide if it was a threat against Bush. They soon decided that no action were to be taken, since it was unclear as to which president Em was rapping about in the lines:

Fuck money! I don’t rap for dead presidents
I’d rather see the President {dead}

The song was originally released on the mixtape Straight from the Lab, before it later was included on the Encore Bonus tracklist.