This song is featured on Eminem’s greatest hits collection titled Curtain Call: The Hits.

The song is widely viewed by Eminem’s critics as one of his worst. He does acknowledge this criticism, and goes so far as to joke about it in his song “Shady XV”, released some ten years later:

And perform “Fack” in concert
[“Fack” plays]
Yo, I put that shit on a greatest hits album
Now that was awesome
It takes some massive balls to do some shit like that

He also references it on the song “Kamikaze” from his tenth album of the same name.

Em actually performed the hook to this song in concert at Lollapalooza Brazil in March 2016.

The clean version of the album completely omits this song and the intro, instead using “My Name Is” and “The Way I Am” as the beginning tracks.