A haunting depiction of the paranoia, jealousy, and guilt that pervade the criminal psyche.

Bilal (in falsetto) is the embodiment of raw fear, amplified over time to become delusional. He’s the paranoid voice in Malice’s (or Pusha’s) head, and each rapper’s verse is a rebuttal to that voice’s panic.

Malice acknowledges his fear that people, jealous of his wealth and success, will murder him. But he resolves to stay ahead in the game and never be caught slipping. Likewise, Pusha realizes his past of flash and violence may come back to haunt him, both figuratively (his guilty conscience) and literally (slugs to the dome). He too faces down his fears by resolving to solve his problems with (you guessed it!) some sweet, sweet violence.

That organ riff gives it a ghostly ambiance, making fears rise up (to get beaten down by a gangsta motherfucker).