The Game

“SoundScan” is The Game’s response to Lloyd Banks‘ appearance on Rap City, where Banks dissed him during his freestyle on the show.

The Game went into further detail regarding everything leading up to the release of “SoundScan” during his One Man Riot interview with AllHipHop in November 2006:

AllHipHop: Are you done dissing G-Unit? You have dropped so many freestyles going at them like SoundScan and over Jay-Z’s Show ‘Em Whatcha Got beat

The Game: [SoundScan] is because that nigga [Lloyd] Banks went on Rap City and said something slick and didn’t think I caught it. So, I wanted to humiliate them niggas one more time. It’s a forever-burning flame. It can be a forest-fire or you can just let the flame burn [out]. When people look at the flame, they know that that’s that beef. As long as them niggas add wood to the fire, I’ma throw wood in too and that fire can keep on burning. I’m not getting the bad end of the muthafuckin' stick. Them niggas is fucked up in the game.