An epic about the pitfalls of hustling and the resulting relationship tumult it can cause. Ghost and Rae reflect on their goals and the dangers of the hustling life, but recognize that it’s the only way out of the streets and to eventually live the good life. Blue Raspberry plays the part of a sort of damsel in distress, who sticks by her man despite how the street life has changed him into someone she no longer knows.

RZA considers this his favorite track on OB4CL and has called it his favorite Wu Tang song. One of the most captivating hip-hop productions, the eerie beat–low key drums and ominous strings combined with the rain and storm effects–creates the perfect backdrop for Rae, Ghost, and Blue Raspberry’s haunting lyrics. (Source: “The Making of ‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx’”, XXL, 8/1/10)