Album: Yeeeah Baby
Year: 2000
Charts: #75 (Billboard Hot 100)

‘It’s So Hard’ is the debut single from Big Pun’s second studio-album, and features guest vocals from R&B singer, Donnell Jones. The track was released two-months after his death, and because of this it was decided that the video would become a tribute to him.

The video filmed in New York City features various members of the Hip-Hop community, and also includes family members such as his wife and three children. It also features an unknown DJ Khaled.

The song is Pun describing how hard it is to be him. He describes people hating on him, attempts to take his wife, but also what it’s like in New York City; “enemies spit at you, best friends kidnap you/ trust no-one” He also states mentions people coming out of the wood-works now he is becoming more famous, an example lyric is him asking “I know you from where? Elementary School? I don’t know you man!”

In integral part of the beat is a sample of the 1975 song ‘En Un Rincon Del Alma’ by Danny Rivera. The sample begins at 00:32 and is heard throughout.