GZA loosely describes various aspects of drug dealing from slang to locations to plans. Gold refers to the money he needs to make.

This song is also an allegory for how the Wu-Tang came into the industry. Gold can also refer to a gold record. There were many people during the mid 90’s that were trying to copy the Wu-Tang style. In this song there are also references to the Wu eliminating all biters.

This is a great track. I really love the beat a lot. It has sorta has a rock vibe to it, and Meth helped with the hook. The whole song is on a street-hustling-vibe tip. The whole song is talking about hustling and stuff like that, but I don’t say it plainly. It’s a street tale, not a let’s-get-your-grind-on song. And the hook is actually kind of taken from the Diana Ross and The Supremes song, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” In the ’80s we’d used to harmonize a lot and we sang a similar hook: [sings] “No neighborhood is rough enough, there is no clip that’s full enough… See? Like that. We used to sing the chorus and harmonize with each other. That’s how that one came bout. –GZA