“Hail Mary” was posthumously released as the third and final single from 2Pac’s Makaveli album. “Hail Mary” continues the Baroque themes of the album and also features some impressive verses by Pac’s little homies, the Outlawz.

The song captures 2Pac zoning out the violence and negativity surrounding him while trying to have a convo with his Spiritual Mother. The song was reportedly recorded on July 8, 1996, where ‘Pac wrote his verses for this song in 15 minutes and the entire song was made in 30 minutes.

The music video represents ‘Pac (as the buried Makaveli) rising from the dead to answer the prayers of a prison inmate who was wrongfully convicted of a friend’s crime. The prisoner’s prayers are answered in the form of karma.

To see annotations on this song by the cast and author of the Broadway musical Holler If Ya Hear Me, which tells a powerful story of today using Pac’s music, see here.