Crush on You (Remix)

Crush on You (Remix)

Lil' Kim (Ft. Lil' Cease)

Lil' Kim appears on this remix to “Crush On You,” which was released as a single to radio and used in the music video after the album version only featured Lil' Cease on all three verses.

Lil' Kim provided background information about the track:

I do remember being pregnant at the end of that album, where I couldn’t really finish some of the songs and that’s how Lil’ Cease ended up on ‘Crush on You.’ He wasn’t supposed to be on that record, but I was sick and I had to go away and clear my head because I was pregnant. I wanted to finish the album because that’s what I wanted. I really wanted to display my talent to the world.

“Crush On You” samples the 1979 song “Rain Dance” by The Jeff Lorber Fusion: