Careful What You Wish For

Careful What You Wish For


“Careful What You Wish For” is a bonus track off Relapse, believed to be recorded back in 2007, during his 4 years hiatus.

Much more serious than the rest of the album, there are clips of the news at the beginning that speak of Proof dying and several other tragedies or incidents related to Eminem or Shady Records.

Unlike the rest of the Relapse album (which was executively produced by Dr. Dre) – This song was produced by Eminem, together with “Beautiful”, with additional production from Luis Resto.

A year later, in 2010 Eminem made a sequel to the song, called “Almost Famous”, considering that in that song he’s talking about how he was affected by fame and in this song he’s talking about how things were prior to fame up until the point of him becoming famous.

Eminem and Proof, at Barristers Gallery in New Orleans.