Rap God

Rap God


“Rap God” is Eminem’s braggadocious ode to himself and his career. Over its six-minute run-time, he references comic books, throws back to his old songs, and raps crazily fast.

In a Q&A with Rolling Stone, Em was asked whether he felt like a Rap God or an underdog, to which he responded:

I think everything switches back and forth from hour to hour, day by day with me. That whole ‘Rap God’ record pretty much from top to bottom is tongue in cheek. So I mean, do I want to feel like that? Maybe sometimes. Again, it goes back to everybody who competitively raps and does this for just purely for the sport of it wants to be the best. Again, that’s why Kendrick’s verse worked so well because he only said what every rapper’s already thinking, If you don’t want to be the best, then why are you rapping?

This song landed Eminem a spot in The Guinness Book of World Records for the most words in a hit single:

The single ‘Rap God’ from Eminem packed a mouth-filling 1,560 words into its 6 min 4 sec runtime.

However, in 2015, Harry Shotta broke Eminem’s world record of most words in a track. Eminem’s “Rap God” has 1560 words, while Harry Shotta’s “Animal” has 1771.