Still Fly

Still Fly

Big Tymers

To hear Mannie Fresh tell it, the first single from Big Tymer’s fourth album essentially saved Cash Money. In 2002, the label was trying to recover after their best-selling artist, Juvenile, left the label. Desperate to prove they could do well without Juve, Baby and Mannie Fresh whipped up the fake-it-till-you-make-it anthem, “Still Fly.” It may not be as iconic as Cash Money classics like BG’s “Bling Bling” or Juve’s “Back That Ass Up"—"Still Fly” was actually a bigger chart hit, peaking at No. 11.

Mannie Fresh recalled making the song in an interview with Complex:

“At the time, I was trying to save the label. What’s crazy is, everybody hated that song. They was like, ‘I don’t know what he’s doing in there, he talking about “everything in his mama name.’’’ [Laughs.] I was at Universal telling them this is the one and they were like, ‘Baby said he don’t know what you got going on, you just did the song and he don’t think that’s it.’ I truly had to fight for that song.

“Every lyric in that hook is how people really live, that’s what made the song huge. It don’t matter who you are, where you from, it’s like that was really me. [Laughs.] Everything that he’s saying in this hook is really me and everybody’s been there. Even when nobody was thinking that way, I was thinking that way. I was always thought you had to balance it out, it’s not all just shiny.