Caleb Kai



You care nothing for all of your options
You used to say to me baby be cautious
The future ain't promised
You could stay hopeful
I may love you regardless
For one thing I know
When you ain't sober
You're never dishonest
And baby I know
I'm not what you chose or whatever
And I know down here ain't cold types of weather
But hey, oh baby its cold
The snow around here is so so so cold
It's so, so, so cold
I know down here ain't snow types of weather x2
Know it don't, no it won't ever
No, no, baby it's so cold
[Cassette tape deck opens, tape switches]
[Outro: Kai]
Nothing but friends
That night your skin was too tense
No splints in leg, less of my blood on your fence
Nothing but friends
You know this way it don't end
Nothing but friends, nothing but friends

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