A great song mainly notable for two things – it’s the first appearance on a Roc-A-Fella song by future label signee Freeway, and it’s, um, “updating” of The Convicts' 1991 song “1-900-Dial-A-Crook”. Kyambo ‘Hip-Hop’ Joshua was the one who formed the Roc Hustler concept after hearing The Convicts' track.

This banger was produced by Bink! and samples Ain’t Gonna Happen by Ten Wheel Drive and Genya Ravan. Bink! bought the sampled record at a yard sale for $5 in Norfolk, Virginia.

The song is also notable for being a keystone in the rift between Bink! and former Roc-A-Fella companion Just Blaze, with the former claiming that the other bit this style and based his future sound on it.

While recording ‘1-900-Hustler’ they mistakenly rapped over the parts with the horns coming in that Bink! intended to be the hook, and used the parts he intended to be the verses with the choir to do the phone operator skits. Bink! is also the voice of Murder Def Kill Homicide Nigga in the skits.