If I Die 2Nite

If I Die 2Nite


“If I Die 2Nite” opens the chart-topping, triple-platinum album Me Against The World, known for its alliteration.

In an interview from prison after the album was released, 2Pac said:

This album was made before I went to jail, before I got shot, and all I’m talking about is going to jail and getting shot. So it was a prophecy.

In fact, Pac seemingly predicted his November 30, 1994 shooting at Quad Studios where he was shot five times in the lobby. He made it upstairs and saw Puff Daddy, Andre Harrell, etc. and wondered why didn’t they warn him (as the shooters were Bad Boy affiliates). Pac later blamed Biggie and Puffy for the shooting in an interview with Vibe magazine, starting their infamous beef.

In an interview with Revolt, producer Easy Mo Bee claimed Pac made a number of songs in the same session he recorded this one:

During our session, I’m thinking that all this stuff we recording is going on the Me Against the World album. No, this dude [just] recorded a big batch of songs. He did one of the smartest things in the world, he took “Temptations” and “If I Die 2nite” and put it on Me Against the World. He takes “Str8 Ballin’” and puts that on Thug Life, Vol. 1. Then he takes “My Block” and puts it on The Show soundtrack.