Police In Helicopter

Police In Helicopter

John Holt

“A militant anthem in response to the crackdown on herbs cultivation by the Jamaican police and the CIA in the early Eighties. In 1983 the Reagan CIA used crop dusters to spray the defoliant paraquat with crop dusters to kill the defoliate the marijuana crop. It caused a great deal of hardship on the island. The paraquat spraying was not only killing herbs crop, but killing the bread fruit, banana and coconut harvest which are staples of a poor person’s diet in Jamaica. I was in St. Ann’s parish that year and personally witnessed the damage the paraquat spraying did to the food supply in the hills. You never heard about the epidemic of starvation in the bush and the hills of Jamaica because of the Reagan era paraquat spraying policy.

“Police In Helipcopter” was the ubiquitous song of the moment in Jamaican that year. Holt’s defiant tone, threatening, “If you continue to burn up the herbs, we’re going to burn down the cane fields.” was an invocation of the Maroon rebellions in the days of slavery. Runaway outlaw slaves often returned at night to burn the fields of their British masters just before the sugar cane harvest during the Maroon rebellion.

It was produced by Henry Junjo Laws and the Roots Radics are the session band."

Much props to Gavin B from Music Banter for this info.