On what’s surely ranked as one of the best posse cuts of all time, Immortal Technique (who is partly of Peruvian heritage and was born there) and guests break down all the perspectives of the drug trade… from the original worker in the coca fields, through a long chain of officials and drug lords, up to D-Boys, who end up arrested.

The beat is inspired by a sample from the soundtrack to the movie Scarface (1983), from which the dialogue in the intro is also taken. The song also uses a sample from the 1991 gangster film New Jack City. These samples are very appropriate, because the song has an extremely cinematic, visual feel, reminiscent of a montage.

In 2014, it was revealed that the United States government was, yet again, collaborating with drug-related entities, this time, none other than the Sinaloa Drug Cartel, the world’s largest producer and distributor of cocaine. 80% of the cocaine in Chicago, for example, is Sinaloa cocaine. Read the leaked documents pertaining to this situation here on News Genius.