Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber

Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber

Wu-Tang Clan

“Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber” combines grimy jazz-groove with complex lyricism from seven Wu-Tang rappers—hence the title, “7th Chamber.”

Clan beatsmith RZA lifted the drums from Lonnie Smith’s 1970 record, “Spinning Wheels,” and sampled some soulful effects from Otis Redding’s 1965 track, “Down in the Valley,” to create the song.

This track appears twice on the 36 Chambers album—once in its original form and again as the second to last track in a remix called “Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber – Pt. II.” The remix uses the same vocals but begins with a snippet of “Clan in Da Front.”

In an interview with Brian Coleman, Inspectah Deck elaborated on the meaning behind the title:

There were thirty-six chambers that we were going to show people, and that was only the seventh. I did the “9th Chamber” on my album, and GZA had the “4th Chamber” [on Liquid Swords].