“Coming of Age” sees big homie JAY-Z giving game to his little homie Memphis Bleek from the Marcy Projects over a DJ Clark Kent track that samples Eddie Henderson’s “Inside You.” Jay said the following about the song:

That theme became to be us, it became to be our — it personified our personality and our relationship through the years. It was one of those things that blurred the line between art and life, like, you know, whether it’s art imitating life or life imitating art.

Clark Kent talked about the track in an interview with Complex:

Jay had this song all ready, and now he’s looking for the rhymer to go on it. It was going to be Lil’ Shyheim, that’s who he was going to get. […] Then someone told Bee-High and Jay that this little dude Malik—the name Bleek came from Malik—was spittin’. He was little, but we wanted to hear him because we wanted someone to be on this song.

So me and Bee-High sat with him in the projects and made him rhyme all day like, ‘Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going, say another one, say another one.’ We wanted to believe he was actually an MC before we were like, ‘Here’s this song, get on it.’

Jay had the whole song laid out already of how he wanted it to be, and told him what he was supposed to do. Jay [referenced the verse already], so he just had to do it. It’s just that he did it so perfectly.