“WWIII” kicks off the second edition of the Ruff Ryders Ryde or Die series. The track brings together artists from the South, East and West Coast over a track from Swizz Beats, who talked about the track with Complex:

I knew this was going to be big. We were making a statement by having Scarface and Snoop. Me and Snoop had been kicking it so that phone call went through and the Scarface call went through [and we got them]. Then you’ve got Jadakiss on there and a new artist named Yung Wun that I had from Atlanta. That covered a lot.

I thought, ‘Damn, how am I going to shine?’ I was the person that was running down on people saying, ‘State your name, gangsta. Where you from?’ I thought it was a cool way to intro it, rather than a chorus every time. I was like, ‘We need something that’s passing it off. What’s the pass off?’

The video clip for “World War III” helps you understand what the track is about – Swizz Beatz is riding across the whole US to meet rappers representing different areas and hear them spit. The track has been reorganized for the clip – Yung Wun’s and Scarface’s verse are switched so that it doesn’t feel as if Swizz was going back and forth without a plan.

In 2004, Swizz produced a track called ‘State Your Name,’ which follows the same outline as ‘WW III’, and features The Game from the West, Lil' Flip from the South, and Cassidy from the East.