300 Bars N Runnin

300 Bars N Runnin

The Game

Shortly after Interscope CEO Jimmy Iovine held a press conference for Game and 50 Cent to settle their beef, 50 continued to take shots at Game with tracks like “Gun Jam”:

When I get back to Los Angeles, I hear a couple mixtape records and 50 is still, like, talking shit. Now I’m pissed off because I get back to L.A. and you just broke the truce. Are you serious?

The Compton emcee picked up a pen and started writing “300 Bars and Runnin',” an anthem that went straight for the kill:

‘300 Bars,’ when I wrote that, I was angry. I wanted G-Unit to die as a brand, a record label, a group.

Working for 48 hours straight with DJ Skee, Game knew he was about to unleash something dangerous:

I feel like this shit right here is about to cause a major fucking problem in music.

The track threw gasoline on the already flammable feud and started what would end up being one of the most famous and long-lasting beefs in hip-hop history.