“Burn Hollywood Burn” was released as a single for PE’s third album, Fear of a Black Planet. The song is a scathing examination of stereotypes about Blacks in Hollywood films from the perspectives of Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Big Daddy Kane, and future Hollywood actor/director/producer Ice Cube, who talked about how a meeting with Lyor Cohen at Def Jam’s New York office led to this collaboration and led to the Bomb Squad producing his debut album, Amerikkka’s Most Wanted:

I’m leaving Lyor Cohen’s office after about an hour-and-a-half, and here comes Chuck D up the hall. He like, “Yo, what you doin' here?” I told him, “Yo, I just broke up with the group, I’m trying to get my solo shit done.” Chuck was like, “Yo, come up to Greene Street, I got Big Daddy Kane, and we got this record called "Burn Hollywood Burn.” You should jump on it because this gon' be your first solo appearance, let people know what it is. So I’m like, “Bet.”

Me and my homeboy Sir Jinx, we went down to Greene Street Studios. I start telling Hank Shocklee, Keith Shocklee, Eric “Vietnam” Sadler, I’m telling them my dilemma, I need my record produced. And since me and N.W.A. had the same associates, I heard that when they heard I was coming to New York, they laughed. They laughed. They was like, “Yo, that shit gon' be wack!” So, when I told this to Hank Shocklee, he got a look in his eye. He was like, “Yo,"—Chuck was there, too—Chuck was like, "Yo, we wanna produce some of them tracks, yo!” I’m like, “How many?” He was like, “Everything!”

So, now, I’m happy. We got the blend. We got the perfect MC—as far as yours truly—with the perfect producers of the day. Because these dudes, the Bomb Squad, were mad scientists when it came to sampling.