Demon Inside

Demon Inside


The present song was a sub-project for the album The Slim Shady LP and was never finished. The great thing about this piece is that it was recorded in the first session that Eminem had in Dr. Dre’s studio, set up in his house. Its short duration and rawness show that the track was recorded in a single pass and for some reason of selection, was not placed on the album.

It is interesting to imagine Dre listening to this type of letters and frowning. Eminem, or rather, Slim Shady, captivated Dre by channeling all his creativity and talent into sombre and gloomy lyrics. This is how the SSLP project found its course towards this type of issues.

The production of the instrumental is questionable. While the song was recorded with Dre on the board, it does not mean that he produced the beat. Judging by the time and style of the beat, there is a possibility that such instrumental was produced by DJ Butter (he produced several songs for Eminem and D12 in those years). Presumably Eminem did not come to Dre’s studio empty-handed (it is easy to imagine him with a box full of cassettes, lyrics, instrumentals, etc.).

The song is identified with several names:
- Eminem recognizes it under the name of “Ghost Stories” in his book Angry Blonde (2000).
- In the compilation album of Dj Butter, Bad Meets Evil: Scary Music (Renegades), appears with the name of “Demon Within (Ghost Story)”.
- The fans recognize her by the most popular name “Demon Inside”.