Renaissance Man

Renaissance Man

Jay Electronica

First song off of the Style Wars EP, it’s also on the unofficial mixtape What the Fuck is a Jay Electronica. There are two themes; The one, instantiated by the chorus and by the Matrix intro, is that Jay Electronica ushers in a new era of rap. The second, contained in the song itself, are the struggles of Jay, spoken in a grieved, insulted tone. The dynamic between these two themes, the one largely positive and the second largely sad but affirmative, makes for a powerful song.

As for Jay’s flow, there’s the characteristic disregard for the flow, or at least the feeling that he doesn’t care too much about sounding spectacular. This particular way of riding the beat worked well for Nas on Queen’s Got the Money, but probably works better for Jay here. The impression is of extreme nonchalance and carelessness with the rhyming pattern, which of course creates the ironic effect of rhyming brilliance.

So, in other words, Amazing.

The track samples Marvin Gaye’s song “God Is Love”, from his 1971 album What’s Going On.