What if I told you
You could change the world
With just one thought
What if I told you
You could be a king
Anything you desired, boy
Anything on a plate
All within your power to create

I know somewhere in the darkness
There's a story meant for me
Where I always know exactly what to say
I know somewhere some surprising ending
Waits for me to tell it my own way
Be the hero of your story if you can
Be the champion in the fight
Not just the man
Don't depend on other people
To put paper next to pen
Be the hero of your story, boy, and then
You can rise to be the hero once again

Now, the best part of an adventure
Is the people you meet

What if I said I met a witch
When I was very young
What if I said
She showed me how I die

Powerless in the face of it
Terrified in the wood
That was where my life was
Changed for good

What if I said I met a giant
Wasting in a cave
What if I claimed I rose
To be far braver
Than the brave
All my life of stories, son
And every one is true
So believe me
As I'm telling you

To be the hero of your story
While you may
Be the guy who gets the girl
And saves the day

You don't need
A book of Greeks
To teach you how
To stay alive
Be the hero of each story
You derive

Then forever you're
The hero who'll survive

Every tale that you invent
Becomes a life
That you make real
Where each character
You meet
Becomes your friend
You don't need to be
A novelist
To make believe what's
Waiting 'round the bend

(Edward + All)
Be the hero of your story
'Til it's done
Why go promenade when
You were born to run

If you understand
This premise
You will never be alone

(Edward + Some)
You can conquer
Every challenge
You can face each
Stepping stone

(Edward + All)
Be the hero of your story

What if I swore
I saw a mermaid swimming
In the mist
What if I told you
She would be the first girl
That I kissed

Out there in the water
Filled with eagerness and fear
Here is what she whispered in my ear:

(Edward + All)
Be the hero of your story
Be the hero of your story
Be the hero of your story

Now listen, son. Now, one day, I
Met this fisherman, see?

(Frustrated Fisherman: Spoken)
Oh, you gotta help me! If I don't catch
A fish, my family's gonna starve!

Mmmhmm. Well, the fish are sleepin'!
You gotta get'em movin'
Try the Alabama Stomp!

Works every time!

Something about this rythym really gets their fins movin’
Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day
Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime
Teach a man the Alabama Stomp, you feed his soul!

I know somewhere in the future
There’s adventure waits for me
Filled with mystery and people
I can love
I know out there
On the road of life
I’ll live the story I’ve been
Dreaming of

Live the story I’ve been
Dreaming of!
Be the hero every time
You get the chance
If the music stops
Continue with the dance

On a wing or on a prayer
You get there
Only with your voice

Be attentive
Be inventive
Be the first one to rejoice
With the story in your heart
You won’t need
Any other choice
You’re a hero
Fighting dragons, winning wars
Be the hero
And the world will soon be yours!

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About "Be the Hero"

Edward Bloom talks about all of his stories and how he met all sorts of different people like a witch, a giant and a mermaid!

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