You know how I rock it man, these niggas really dont get me bro, im trying to tell these niggas man. I'm tryna tell all these niggas here dissing, sneak dissing, catch up. You know niggas really dont want beef with me, I dont know none of these niggas man

[Verse 1]
Chopper blowin' out a couple rounds
Cooking birds like A town
Moving bricks off the Greyhound
Sneak dissin' spray yo' face down
In the kitchen baking K now
She just want me for my cake now
Pull up but dont panic
Shooting tools like a mechanic
On my wrist and on my chest
On eveything its like the titanic, lets get it!
Pull off imma make us go
Swear to god yeah I [?]
Niggas scared of everything
Imma pull up like a scarecrow
You dont want these hands nigga
Imma throw paws like a bear hoe
Everyday imma go insane
Everyday is my day
Pull up, I'ma take his chain like Deebo in Friday
All these niggas wanna hate but I wonder why
A lotta niggas want me dead but I'm still alive
But I'm still getting money boy that's everyday
Imma find a way to stay alive everyday
Police, they be real hot, so i gotta pray
Keep this thing up on my waist incase I wanna spray
Niggas plotting on me gotta watch myself
I spray a lotta guns think I need some help

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