Never think about you again


I swear I will never think about you again
You will never know the fucking pain
Love is loss, a game of blame
Now the picture is been clear to me
I can see the evil memories running towards me

Seems like I lost control on my own life
I'd better pull knife & redesign my palm lines
Cause every night I realize how the hell is life
Can't stop thinking I'm dreaming

Keep dreaming
It is gives you best feeling, enjoying her vibes though you meant her nothing
Imagine about people, create the stories as the way you want
I wish dreams are for real and real is dream
And I'm dreaming...
Dreams never hurt you, you ain't afraid of loosing people while dreaming
Huh...everyday I wake up, make fake promise to myself that I will stop thinking
I swear this won't happen again
I will never think about you again

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