AJ 773

Tino Movie


[Verse 1]

You should know already that it's the game spitting
Flame-spitting dame hitting ain't missing
Tunnel vision having ass rapping ass God
Hulk on viagra, cement say I go hard
Oh Lord
Far from fraud, focused on feats & flying far
Alliteration ability amazing actively asking for antagonist
Pondering piecing poetry to rhythm worth more than amethyst
And I don't think they really get it, James
From Orange Crush to Playing Games
Claims to fame without a name
Stark contrast 'tween me and them I'm iron man and play with strains
Same strains extract the pain to pen nah'm saying
You gotta love it
If sound is auditory emotion, this is debt, bills, and a budget
Fuck it, guess this the gift I'm stuck with
Drop heat like every 12 hours, I'm spitting my solar system
Focused pennin' writtens witty as I reiterate rhythm
Damn, my ambition said "Let me turn the page for you"
One hundred as Ben Franklin, so excuse me if I won't change for you

Just let that ride
Just let that ride
Just let that ride
[Verse 2]

If niggas really going nuts out here then I guess I'm going Draymond
The man of steel to your baby moms so my dick got a cape on
Guerrilla marketing, so the realest can hear the shit I go ape on
Been beef out here but ain't a platform niggas'll bust a grape on
The status of sire suits me screw
Lames who love lipping loosely
Realize it could go from cool to Tarentino movie
When I come for that throne everyone is a target
You know I'm finna finish cause you see how humbly I started
I'm going the hardest, tell me how can I be garbage
I decree my enemies g be deceased and departed
DiCaprio diction Deniro presence
Denzel talent
They say I'm mean with it but what's lyrical clipse with no malice
Counting salad, addressing this cheese at caesars palace
I'm immaculate and necessary & synonymous with valid
They don't want me to win, shit I had to include Khaled
Road to success, looking forward to extra mileage on God

Just let that ride
Just let that ride
Just let that ride

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About "Tino Movie"

The second collaboration between the two, AJ 773 & Ocean jams unexpectedly release a soulful 3 minute ode to bravado and brag rap.

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