[Verse 1]
She is of red
The blood that he sheds
As he works with his hands
Bringing plans to fruition
Uh-uh-uh uh-oh
He is of blue
The life that she breathes
Because life without her just wasn't worth living
'Til she was crafted round his rib

And you know I get it all
My strength it comes from you
Knowing where I came from
Knowing where I came from

Tough as a lion
Mane blowing in the wind
Unbreakable like iron
Whether I lose or win
Female, female
That's me
And I love it
Female, female
Uh-uh and I love it
[B section]
I get it all from you
My strength
Through my darkest hours
For the man who loved me
For the man who hurt me
For the man who healed me
For the man who used me
For the man who raised me
For the man who lifted me up
Elevated me

My strength, my strength
Tougher than a lion
My strength, my strength
Unbreakable like iron
Iron, iron, iron, iron, iron, iron

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About "Fe(Male)"

“Fe(Male)” was released as an introduction to Bow Promise’s “(Wo)Man” EP while she continued to complete it with her co-writer Leona Francisca. The song’s theme of womanly strength comes from Fe being the representation for iron on the periodic table.

The track was produced, written and released with a video within three months. The lyrics were taken from a poem wrote and Bow posted on her Facebook page.

Fe(Male) was released on SoundCloud in January 2016. The following month Bow shot and released a video for the track single handedly using an iPhone and editing the footage in iMovie.

Fe(Male) Track info

Mastered by Dominic Rippel