Jason Saul

The Show


[Verse 1:]
Here i go again
Spitting how i'm feeling
Momma says
I'm a spitting image
Of my grandfather man
Keep the family close
I never trusted
No one else
Cause when you need them
They fold
Or only look
Out for themselves
Play this game
And play it well
Fuck the world
Or they'll fuck you
Only thing that i can do
Is keep it honest
And stay true
I make music from the heart
Not the music that they want
So when i finally
Hit the stage
I'm an icon
Not a fraud
You're so concerned
On how to act
I'm just working
On my craft
Lets just hope
You make it out
Don't get so
Caught up in the cash
You gotta love this shit
Breathe it in
There's only
One you
So when you
Speak about yourself
No one can say
It ain't cool
I'm on a roller coaster
Have my ups
And downs
But it's smooth
Nobody said this shit
Is easy
Looking forward
To the future
But my present
Is a blessing
Gift from god
I'm always stressing
But i'm thankful for it
I love the grind
Like i'm skating
Big moves
I'm Tony Hawk
Year 2020
I got the clearest vision
I see it all
I want it all
So guess what
I'll be getting
Yeah the life
You wish you
Was living
You been dreaming
I was taking action
Yeah there was a couple
I always kept cracking
Smoke is what you packing
You remind me of
Except we're older now
I'm talking bout me
At the age of 15
Hella weed
Never motivated
Now there's no correlation
Between me
And distractions
Kill my competition
Buy them
I'm on a roll
On a roll
On a roll
Not anticipated
To blow
But i'll show outI'm on a roll
On a roll
On a roll
Not anticipated
To blow
But i'll show out

[Verse 2:]
Welcome to
The show
Do some hours
At the store
Making music
At the crib
You're so public
With your hoes
You so thirsty
For that life
You so average
Boy i'm nice
I'm just spitting
How i'm feeling
You on snapchat
Acting stupid
Man i need my
Money up
Ain't no time
To play around
I'm so focused
That my days get shorter
By the hour
Life ain't sweet
Shit gets sour
But i climb out
And i flex
I'm enjoying
What i'm doing
I'm not worried about
Who is next
I'm just
Gunning for the check
I don't care about
The money
I'm just sick
Of all this debt
Feel the
Only 20
By the time
I'm 23
Ain't no telling
Where i'll be
But i'll always
Keep on working
Let's just see
What that gives me...

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About "The Show"

Jason Saul portrays his “come up” as an on going journey

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