Everybody still sleeping on me
Where the fuck is your alarm?
Ex-girl still creeping on me
I don't got no time for that
Time to wake up from you nap
Daddies back

Stop sleeping on ya boy x4

Nigga sent me the beat the boy said slay it for me homie
I sent the shits back he sent the praying hand emoji
Got a lot a niggas talkin shit behind my back
I got zips of the loud and I flip 'em by the pack
Daddy daddy shroom how u do the things you do?
I'ma kill the whole year cause ya'll been snoozin for for a few Heh smoke my blunt by the lake
Smoke so much high till the next day
Ain't comin through less I'm gunna get paid
Hunna get paid hit em with a head fake
After dis im gunna get get laid, few hoes waitin on me in LA, Can't really fuck with a scene girl doe, guess i gotta hit em with Another headfake, Kobe Bryant man i had to fade away, Nigga put a damn QP on lay away, Gotta keep de money locked up in a safe acid tabs making life look anime
Got a new zip of the shrooms took a walk on the moon came Back for a day, I don't watch news, I don't watch TV
I expand my mind at an immaculate pace
Fuck there's a lot of shit to digest, kinda like the type of shit That I chef, whole lotta types of weed in my chest, I don't ever Respond to my ex, I don't even gotta do my dance
I got like a rack or two in my Pants
Soon as I started to shine I started loosing all of my friends
All these fuck boys they stay dissin I don't mind but its kinda Funny how they always say it from a safe distance
Cookin up that heat for at least 5 years straight
Swear to God man every stu is the same kictchen, these fuck Boys in the same place makin no money with the same vision In the same club with the same bitches
Galileo how I paint pictures, alakazam on tha beat, hallelujah Man the kid is unique, when are you gunna stop sleepin on Me, Maybe when kylie jenner makes a tweet, all a these niggas Are not in my league

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