Mutilated body of a perfect whore
Gutted inside stomach
Stabbed inside the heart
Deformed pussy with the saw
Fucking her cunt with my bloody semen
Dead but perfect sex worshiper
Slowly cutting your chest
Ripping off your perfect tits
Taking out your organs one by one
Heart, lungs, liver and bowel
Your bowel is my necklace
I will hang your body with this
Lungs and liver are my dinner
Heart is warm and alive
Your eyes are full of fear
You are dead
Like before you are dead
I will rape you again and again
Our bed is your tomb
In the end of all this, we will burn together
In the eternal fire of hell
Our bodies stick together
Our bones are our will
We will never be dead
We will live forever
In the torture rooms of Hell
Demons will wash our bodies
With oil and gas
We will burn forever

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