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Open your eyes, see the truth behind the fog of limitations
Imposed by us men, when we talk of true statement
There ain't no true or false, there's just patterns of creation
There ain't no moral laws - no need for attacks or persuation
Climb the ladder of salvation - free your mind and think
Be the silent witness that sees reality
Get rid of all beliefs follow only those that serve you
Be the change you want to see or they'll change you for the worse you
For the politicians every one of us is worthless
As for society your only purpose is to purchase
You oughta trust this, ain't no justice, just interests
If you ask your bank, they gon' tell you just invest
In this world, money rules if we make it so
Delight comes to you when you let it go
See, money rules the world if we make it so
As long as the beat's on I'mma let it flow

Flyin' above the clouds, in the silent breeze
"I see trees of green", and violent peace
Birds in a cage think flying is an illness
If the world is a stage, I wanna know what's behind the scenes
Correct me if I'm wrong, but we share the same kind of tears
And politicians install the same kind of fears
Some have chandeliers when they look at the roof
Others beg on their knees for some food, aloof
Aloha, where are you? People did you stop caring
Stop staring at the world through your phone cam, I dare you
See what's going on with your own eyes, damn
(See what's going on with your own eyes, damn!)
Fuck what you eatin', share what you've learned
We make us all live in a place absurd
See, life is a dream, and you gotta make it lucid
I was given this world, I didn't choose it
In martial arts - the rules create the stance
In music - the sounds create the dance
In life - your mind creates your chance
Keep movin'

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