[Verse: Hoodrich Pablo Juan & Lil Dude]
I whip it up like chicken noodle soup
I trap it and stack it, then buy me a Coupe
Smoking the fruity, done flew in the roof
If I call up a youngin', they coming to shoot
Got your bitch sucking dick, I'ma come in the booth
Ice on cool
We ain't no goons, you know we hop out the Coupe
I'm popping the Percs for the Panama loop
Serving that Leslie, an arm or a leg
I'm shooting the Glock, I shoot a .38
Won't catch a damn bag, been pulling up daily
That chopper gon' flip and it might hit your neighbors
I'm selling the D, I might need a razor
Junkies in love with that shit, we contagious
Cooking dope really short, so I shaved it
Trapping, jugging, fuck it, wipe the little baby
Sak's Fifth, I'm going crazy
One time, one time, dropping the gate
Then gun squad coming, you know that I'm breaking
Thirty or many, you know I embrace them
My young nigga faking these chasers
FN, the blue tip, my shooters' amazing
Nigga, get down or get out the way
There's a hundred pounds in my grandmama's basement
Play with the square like I'm Mason
I get the bricks and I trap out the vacant
Grab the choppers, send that baby to Grady
White Audi, white brick like I'm racing
Go 200 in a day like I'm racing
Ice, ice, nigga cold like a glacier
.38, throw away, cold case
I got that dope and the old faces
Smokin' that cookie, I taste it
I come in her face, I make your bitch taste it
Pour it in that red bottle and I'm basing
Thumb through the money, that's why they be hating
Two shooters when they trap out the vacant
Beef with me and get eliminated
Run up the ounces, just broke off a half
Watch out for junkies, they stealing the stash
Shooting shit up, I got blood on my rags
You looking for work? Nigga, I'm the man
Draco shooting up the curb vine
Hop out, then lift up my shirt, let the burner blind

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