[Verse 1]
I ain't seen a party in a couple months.(yeah)
Cool Swim, what the fuck is up?
Fuck I look like spending money on these college sluts?
I got a couple bucks, I'll cop a double fucking Reggie Bush
(It's like) I ain't always smoking special kush
That shit's expensive bruh
And I don't got a job with Slav who's prolly gonna rob to get his next dollar.(Damn)
And I ain't even from the fucking hood!
(So like) I ain't even got excuses for this shit!
(I'm just broke though)
I ain't try though-

[Verse 2]
Cool Swim, Cool Swim. Why you lying bro?
Flexin' like you got 'em drugs-
You prolly smoke oregano-
You prolly never touched a hoe-
You prolly live in Mexico
Alone with no friends or dope
What you stressin' foe?

[Verse 3]
Nigga, why you asking all these questions foe?
I don't be lying 'bout shit
Yeah I be smoking this shit
I don't be fuckin' no bitches-
I'd rather watch some Netflix
Okay I flex in my raps
But who doesn't?
Real life is like essentially wack
So I'm tryna compensate ya for that
And you can say that I'm trash-
But give donations in cash
I need this pizza and weed
Because I'm grateful for that
So, send money please
(Yo) I'm just another scummy skeeze!

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