King Chip

The Last Backwood (Outro)


Pleasant day
I don’t say Good Morning because
There’s nothing quite ‘bout so early in the day time
There’s nothing to be scared about
And it’s 6:30 am
All the way into 6:30 am again
It’s kind of an oxymoron, Good Morning
I can’t remember the last time I had some good morning
When at morning it’s usually bad, I used to got my [?]
I used to got about two or three blunts
And I’m feeling low, I probably got one of them phone calls say my home boy got killed
Back on the East Side in Cleveland
So now I’m here in California with my glasses on, man, this real low
Everything is real low, real cool you know
Thinking about my home boy man, thinking about
How far I’ve come
I had to get on that road, I had to get in that airplane man, I had to really let them know
See when you’re a real king you’re bound to no noun, that means no bounds to hold you down
That means you can
Live as you please around any town
One thing about King Chip
You know where I come from
I was talking about my home, way other night, I told ‘em it’s a good thing to not know which way you gon’ go
Just sit back and watch the moon
Stay passionate, stay active
I’m active on this backwoods man
I’m very active [?]
I’m very active with your bitch
I’m very active at the motherfuckin’ Beverly Wilshire Hotel
I’m very active at the Beverly Hills Hotel
I’m very active in LA County man
I’m very active in Cuyahoga County
I’m very active in the United States of America
Man I bet you can find somebody that knows some about some, anywhere
Right now what I want you to do is
I want you to roll all of it
See I know you tryna save the last little bitch you got to make two blunts
Hell you might even be tryna save ‘bout six [?] hits
If you got the last little [?]
You got the last little piece of shadder
You got the last little corner of wax
I want you to dab that right now man
I want you to dab your last
Now you take that down
You gotta breath deep baby but don’t breath too deep don’t hold it in
You got to blow that shit right the fuck out, Jack
Shout to everybody getting high on the East Side of Cleveland man
Shout to everybody smoking that good weed over there on St. Clair man
East Side, West Side
Live in the suburbs baby
I want y’all to come on out to California if you never been out to California man
I think God put his place here for us to enjoy
But you know Cleveland is the best place you can be baby
I wanna give a big shout to Compton and Watts to all the Mexicans
You understand what I’m saying?
That’s where I live no matter where I’m at
In my mind

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