Chicago Brazy

No $moke

in Wave$


Stiff arming
Tryna disarm me
Or decieve me
It aint paranoia
They greedy
No dummy
You aint gotta
Believe me
This easy
Im Still putting dat
Work in
While they twerkin
My wave good
Im surfin
It drip when I walk
On purpose
Flirt wit yo bitch
On purpose
But it stop there
Cuz I found a bitch
Dat's Worth it
It wudn't
On purpose
You cant hurt dis
You cnt kill it
I got no feelings
Going up
Thru da celling
Bitches DM
But they
Niggas ont feel em
I ain't
Got no feeling$
Life is chilling

Chasing children's

Plotting on millions

Breaking tortillas wit Mexicans

Counting up
Dead Sicilian's

Plottin on mo
From frm da dirt
Thru da celling

Can't afford
Ta keep feelings
Can't afford
To keep chilling
But I can afford
Ta Keep Drippin

(Talking During Hook $ection)

I Ran off
& flipped it twice
If you broke
Keep yo advice
Im at it again
Last name $lim
First name
You Know
You can call it
Chiraq tho
Bout ta relapse again
Too much dxpe
In my pen
Guess im Ace
They on Rico
Swear ta God I fuk wit Chico
Fuk dat pak tho
Money drippin out her asshole
Bitch like me
Den she a asshole
Yea we lit
No tabasco
Fym dis is natural
Bitch I sell it
I dont buy it
Yea I got it
You can try it
If I spill it
You gon buy it
Yea im dripping
I aint lying
Fuk you mean
Who you trying?
I aint lying
Im da plug
Im supplying
DB mix is fire
Call him $ire
Bitch I do not fuk wit trump
Fuk you mean?
Nigga you hired!

No Joke

They Want No $moke

No $moke

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