Rolling on you Romeo


Lately I bin feelin' weak, tired of your expectations
Push me where I wanna go
Dizzy from the reaching and the constant rush of people
Well stop rollin' on me romeo

Try to understand me, what exactly am I feeling?
Fight me I might overload
Reaction at my limit, no desire to deny it
Disguise it, you bin told

Respect is given only to
Those who have enough for you
It’s like you have something, to prove
I check myself when I see through

If its only desire, could you be more obvious
Hooked on a wire, I’m ready to let loose
If its only desire, tell me cus I’m letting go
Wanna fight? Well I’m rolling on you Romeo

Lately I bin dreamin' of a man who’ll stand beside me
Won’t change his game to suit the mood
You want or you don’t, just finish what you started
Man up, and see this through


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