[Pardo Bell]
Walk around fuzzy like I’m lumpkins
Look the other way if you start talking ‘bout some bupkes
If you don’t know bupkes then I tell you it means nothing
And then if you don’t know nothing
Then I know you ain't me
Homeboy said he gonna spit some real shit
Come to find out that it's all about his wrist
Come to find out that it's all about exquisite and expensive shit
The vitriol is dripping from my lips
I don't like crowds
Unless I'm at the crest
All the people undulate and move at my behest
Mosh pit and twist like rodeos at my request
Got a sickle on my chest like I'm scheming on the West
Tryna get the money from me with an email scam
Man I don't check my email
You barking up the wrong tree
I don't even use computers bro
I make my own paper
Chopping down a tree and I hit it with the
Wood pulp still wet when I hit it with the pen
Wood pulp dried up when I'm done hitting then
Sawdust on my hand and my chin and the pen
Still dripping with residual ink
I hold myself accountable for all the poison I drink
HR Giger in that fire water
Sniffing the scene
Feeling Alien
I’m sipping or they’re staring at me
I'm shuffling in place cause secretly I’m trying to leave
(Take me home)
If you really wanna know what the problem is
I got my mood snatched up by my consciousness
Man I snatch the cloth from underneath the dishes
Man I move the moths to my holy light
Catch me in the spot eating 'za with homies
All vegan cheese that's Daiya on me
All scientific that's Dianetics
All sugar free for them diabetics
You wishing you was me when the beat get hectic
You wobbling and rocking
You about to wipe out
I keep the balance when I’m talking with a golden mic out
Consider all the vigor with which I rejigger sentences
And pour them on the page to
Then put place to homeless sentiments
I'm an adrenaline junky
Whose scared of dying
I click the lid
Pop what doc prescribing
If I said fine then I’m probably lying
What’s the point of being in the game if you ain't gonna play?
What’s the point if every single day is like the other day?
Might as well just find another way
'Cause things'll be okay
Let the record state
I get more done on methylphenidate

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