Chicago Brazy

Nah Nah


You gon regret it
I used ta sweat it
I used to know yo name

Now I Forget It

You mad I played wit other girls
Dat was all just play
I ain't going back n forwards
We ain't arguing all day
Wan break up
Dat's cool
My otha bitch
On da way
I aint tryna be petty
You kno
How I play
Skrrt skrrt
Dat way
Stop at da store fa
Dem Backwoods
Fuck Swisher Sweets
Yea dat way
My real life , A young dolph song
Its 420
Right or wrong
Goin up
Hella strong
No snitchin
I aint talkin
Im on a song
Real nigga shit Fuk.A.Bitch
Was the 1st click
I was eva wit
We was really
On petty shit
Run thru two a day
Dat was average
Ha ha
Nigga pass yo bitch
Ima show her
Savage shit
Kuz you a lame
Im the type
Ta break her
Forget her name
Nah Nah
We aint the same

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