G Herbo

G Herbo Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #045


[Verse 1]
When they was workin', I was workin' harder than 'em
I was smarter than 'em
Bench me, no never started with 'em
Still went farther than 'em
They like "boy be cautious near em
Herbo keep that carbon with him"
Standin' firm to what he speakin' so you can not bargain with him
Everything I learnt was in the streets
I was turnin' to a beast
Had to humble down cause I was over East
Every lion can be killed
Any object can be built
Any ship can sink it's all about the balance and the tilt
And it's all about survivin'
All about providin'
Dead presidents the only thing I recognizin'
Tryna jeopardize mine I can't reconcile with
Niggas on that foul shit, My lil niggas wildin'
Bodies steady pilin'
I told 'em they too violent
He blamed his environment and we all just started laughin'
But really it's the truth and that's why all the youngins blastin'
All the youngins slidin', they catch some they gon' smash 'em
How you gon' help 'em, if you ain't gon' help 'em
Ain't got nothing for 'em to do, know they got somethin' to prove
Backpack half full but he not comin' from school
Hustlin' on the block, he ain't want nothin' but shoes
Pistol on him cocked like he got nothin' to lose
Like his moms ain't at the house, thinkin' he in after school
You the type to have her clueless when she cryin' on the news
You the type to have her clueless when she cryin' on the news
He was in the trenches, bookbags trappin' by the school
He got hit up, crowd split up
Pick the shit up like a sit up
Once you go down it's hard to get up
That's the game, I don't make the rules
So I'm just chillin' in the hot spot, sellin' cool off
I can never take the tool off, take my jewels off
I'll work on any holiday
Give me April Fools off, cause these niggas clown
I'm high can't bring me down
Promoters want me outta town
They just had to get me down
Evere since a nigga stood up, they been tryna sit me down
Every time I throw my hood up, they go crazy in the crowd
You see L's everywhere, gold chains everywhere
Started somethin', we shot it up
I tried to tell 'em they don't care
Got a 50 in the glizzy and the draco they ain't fair
Playing Call of Duty get a halo, let 'em wear it
Black mask, black Glock, whole month of the February
[Verse 2]
For the love of the set
Caught a lil' action, got a lil' reckless
Shootin' niggas, let 'em live deliver the message
Catchin' felonies cause they tellin'
Learned our lesson
My partner he just beat two bodies, caught a lil' blessing
I'm in Bali, ridin' Maserati like why I am stressin'
My momma she don't need nobody
If anything, got too much time prolly need a hobby
'Member nights I got so fucked up, said I need a robbery
I ain't trippin', yeah i toughed up had to get my bucks up
Get my Gucci, Fendi stuff, get my Hemi trucks up
These lil' niggas talkin' too much need to shut the fuck up
I spend eight bucks on my uber truck for me to slide in
Glizzy by my side that's just how I'm ridin'
Turn a 8 to a 20 when I slide that mag in
Window rolled down until I get high again
They like "Herbo all you spit is hot shit like a dragon"
Carrying that bag shit I had to drag in
I been catching plays like I'm up in Madden
Herbo caught his wave, I got niggas mad again

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About "G Herbo Freestyles on Flex | Freestyle #045"

G herbo Freestyle on funk flex is a story herbo wants to tell. About the way he grew up and how he separated from the people who “Didn’t want to get up and eat with him everyday and chase a dream.” as he said {“When they was workin', I was workin' harder than ‘em

I was smarter than 'em

never started with 'em

Still went farther than 'em”]

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