Crusty Nut


Yo, it's plugboi motherfuckin' keyan, checking in with y'all
Making a new motherfuckin' song
With my nigga Ratatata
"Yo wazzup niggas...(Gibberish)"
My nigga Goober
My nigga, Fat Boy Nigga Ass Bitch
"Allah Akbar"
And my nigga, Crusty Nut Nigga
"What's up guys?"

(Verse 1)
Jacking off my nigga David Hasselhoff
Put that dick in my mouth and start to cough
I'm not gay
I may have touched a dick when I was in the eighth grade
My pubic hairs look like some broccoli
Please put that nigga cock in me
"(Yell), Ew."

(Verse 2)
I fucked a goat and I liked it
Eat shit, diarrhea, like it's chocolate
I've used the same condom for 10 years
When I jack off I shed a tear
If you want a rim job, come here
Fist a fucking deer
If sucking dick is gay, I'm a queer
And when I pull down my... pairs of pants, there's nothing
Start to cry when I'm fucking
I like ear sex, anal is lame
Last time I watched Sesame Street, I came
Fucked your son, and I don't know his name
I got him pregnant, but whose to blame?
Pokémon GO
I want to fuck the shit out of Pikachu
I came whenever I look at you
I look like a stupid, autistic Jew
*simultaneously* "Nigga." "Fuck niggas."
(Verse 3)
I only drink breast milk
I made a sex dungeon, that's what I built
"Fuck niggers."
Your dad's ass was so nice
I had to go back and hit it twice
I put that dick in his ear
Now he can't fucking hear
Put that strap in my hole
My dick has hella mold
And it's smaller than a tadpole
For Christmas, your uncle's getting this dick and a lump of coal
I'm a very good goat-fucker
Eating the ass of Young Thugger
"Thugger, Young Thugger!"
I laced her drink, I drugged her
I have big van I pick up kids
Next, I grab their tits and watch them shit
I can't go to any elementary schools, I'm banned
My mom has a dick, god damn
You want this dick, I got you, fam

(Verse 4)
Use my sperm for jam
I'm not a boy, I'm a he-she
Drink breast milk from a girl who's 50
I like men with big fat titties
I wanna fuck then suck Hitler
Hitting that pussy, make it go purr
I saw a nigga and I dipped out like skrrrrrrt!
"Ricky Ross ain't a boss"

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About "Crusty Nut"

PlugBoi returns with a track so hot your mexican housemaid will need a heater to dry off her panties after she hears this shit

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