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Midrand’s King


I'm not done with you, niggas.
Man, I don't rap with you, niggas.
D.M.P masehlanganeng, only f with you, niggas.

Shit, so you thought you could change us.
Bitch niggas, y'all thought you could change us?
We don't owe you no favours.
Now we coming for the money, little nigga.

D.M.P done it all before the fame.
Right now y'all niggas can see,
You can't change us.
Quit blowing my phone,
My city, my life, I don't owe you no favours.
Yeah. I'll be taking them shots. Tell em all I'll be talking then shots at him, huh.
I'll be taking them shots, even in the club, I'll be taking them shots for em.

[Verse 1]
Being about the belph, feeling myself.
I told niggas back home, this right here's really something else.
Please consider it, 'cause we know you can't handle it.
You're the type to go more hard, but you ain't spitting shit.
The dect pose, the ill blows, I sell flows, I'm that dope, as a matter of fact you can't cope.

My girl is more like me, she don't smile and shit.
Ever saw me smile, man, I don't smile and shit.
Too obsessed with my voice, yes, I've seen em.
Doing a track with me? Wouldn't wanna be him.
'Cause, I kill niggas and bury em.
Embarrass your ass, in front of your fans.
You're taking a chance kid.

From coast to coast, they hit you with a Death post,
Saying I'm the illest MC to step up in a building & kill niggas.
Only speak when I'm spoken to,
Y'all niggas taking much about my attitude.


[Verse 2]
Leave my mama out of it, man, I am self made.
Packed up with a lot of flows, tell em I am hydrated.
Where were you, when I needed help?
Where were you, when D.M.P was all by its fucking self?
You weren't there, were you?
Just like my father's family, my nigga, you know weren't there were you?

Got a call from Siyester.
Thanks to him right now, man I sound more like a master.
Please, don't ever say my name hoe.
'Cause you ain't know, what a young nigga been through.
I'll be taking about the pain, the struggle, the hustle.
Ask Jerry, he might tell you.

3 watches on my writst, got a lot of time.
Music like a barcode, now I got a lot of time
Shower with thoughts, as I brainstorm.
Y'all niggas better off knowing where I really came from?




My city, my life(my city, my life)
Sup? Welcome to my city.
My city, NY city. Yeah

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